Why mobile broadband is a sound investment for hybrid working

Mobile Broadband

It’s now one year since the UK was plunged into lockdown and while we have a ‘roadmap’ out the route is likely to be bumpy. It’s difficult for businesses to plan what the new normal will look like. When the country does finally open hybrid working or working from home ‘some of the time’ will become ‘the norm’. Mobile broadband offers a viable choice to businesses to meet the changing needs of the workforce

The adoption of technology to meet the challenges of lockdown has been a positive outcome of the pandemic. However, businesses must now decide on their long-term strategy when it comes to technology. Should they continue to muddle through? Or just make do as many have done with the previous lockdowns? Or should they look to make some of these short-term fixes more permanent?

It’s a conversation that we are having with many of our customers from housing associations to hospitality. Workforces are multi-faceted, and workers have varying requirements, but all remote workers require reliable connectivity. There are different options, and the influencing factors need to be weighed up before deciding which route to take namely price, systems, and individual requirements. We are seeing mobile broadband as a viable remote working solution for many businesses, here’s why:

  • Lower cost

A 4G router on 02, for example, offers a significantly cheaper monthly cost than investing in business broadband. And even more so if the team member does not have high connectivity demands and is likely to eventually return to be an office-based worker.

  • Easy to set-up

Unlike fixed lines there is no need for any installation costs with mobile broadband. It’s also very simple to set-up and requires no maintenance.

  • Increased flexibility

Mobile broadband is not fixed and so if the team member no longer requires remote connectivity the route can simply be taken back and deployed elsewhere.

  • Good speeds

Data speeds are surprisingly good with mobile broadband. Reception permitting, you can get acceptable speeds on 4G and even better in 5G areas.

Of course, there are considerations to be taken when selecting mobile broadband such as location and whether there is good mobile coverage. For many businesses, mobile broadband is a sound investment. It offers the agility businesses require in this ever-changing environment.

If you would like to learn more about mobile broadband and how it can help your business, then get in contact today via hello@calteq.co.uk