Meet the Team – Nigel Willetts, Director and Co-founder

Nigel Willetts

In the fifth episode of our Meet The Team Blog Series it’s time to talk to:

Name:             Nigel Willetts

Role:                Director and Co-founder

About Nigel:

Nigel is based out of the Royston office and has been involved in the telecoms industry for more than 20 years. Prior to founding Calteq he worked for a large plc and then before that he worked in the financial services and real estate sectors.

More about Nigel’s expertise:

Nigel co-founded Calteq with Mike Stephenson over 17.5 years ago. Nigel focuses on ensuring that all the finances and back-office systems are all in order and running smoothly. He works closely with General Manager, Jermaine Clarke overseeing the well-being and development of the Calteq team.

What does a typical day look like for Nigel?

Just like his colleagues, Nigel’s first task of the day is checking his inbox and looking at the day’s diary. He likes to keep a close eye on what’s going on with Calteq’s systems and finances and so runs a suite of reports which allow the smooth operation of the business. In addition to this Nigel processes the submission of data to Calteq’s payroll team and liaises with HR. He speaks with his colleagues daily and takes an interest in all aspects of the business.

Interests and hobbies

Outside of work, Nigel has a broad range of hobbies. He ranks himself as a keen golfer and an avid football fan following Arsenal. Nigel likes to travel (when restrictions lift!), great food and white wine especially burgundy.

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