Meet the team – Michelle Bassett, Head of Customer Services

Michelle Bassett

In the fourth episode of our Meet The Team Series the spotlight falls on:

Name:              Michelle Bassett

Role:                Head of Customer Services

About Michelle

Outside of the current restrictions Michelle is based out of our Ipswich office. She joined Calteq in November 2018 and became Head of Customer Services in July 2020. Michelle is responsible for leading and motivating a team of staff and ensuring they maintain the highest levels of customer service possible. Her role spans the entire range of Calteq solutions.

More about Michelle’s Expertise:

Michelle has worked in the communications industry for the past 12 years with many of the UK’s major carriers and suppliers for voice, data and mobiles. She has gained a wide knowledge of telecom solutions.

What does a typical day look like for Michelle?

A typical day for Michelle comrprises a wide and varied schedule. It starts with her regular morning ritual – of a good old cup of tea, checking emails, schedules for meetings and seeing what the day has in store.

Next Michelle checks in and gives directions to her team and helps them with any queries, then catches up with partners and suppliers on the progress of orders. Amidst all this Michelle is busy placing line installs, internet and mobile orders, taking incoming calls and answering customer questions. She also provides service information and resolves product and service problems in-person (when the restrictions lift), by phone, email and updates them on progress ensuring they are satisfied with the outcome.

Interests and hobbies

Outside of work and in ‘normal’ times Michelle is a member of the Ipswich Four Trampoline Club. She attends twice weekly and takes part in the British Gymnastics Eastern Competitions. She also enjoys socialising with friends and family.

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