How resolving poor inbuilding cellular connectivity is easier than you think.

Ellis Hill, Head of Engineering, Calteq

Poor cellular connectivity is the bane of office users the length and breadth of the country. And as they begin to return to their places of work after lockdown the same challenges of dropped calls and interrupted data connections will once again reappear.

Why does poor cellular connectivity occur?

We all want to experience uninterrupted connectivity because it’s the way that we are used to living and working but that doesn’t mean it’s a given. We don’t always get what we want. The structure of office buildings often means that they struggle to get a reliable network signal throughout. It can become a source of huge frustration and lead to increased stress levels for workers and impact productivity as they must resort to making calls from outside the building.

Who is responsible for boosting inbuilding cellular connectivity?

While you would think that the responsibility for boosting connectivity would rest with the mobile operators that’s not the case. They are too preoccupied with keeping up with demand on their outdoor networks and so the responsibility resides with the building or organisation’s owner. There’s no need to despair as this challenge can be solved more easily that you would think in the shape of inbuilding cellular solutions.

What is an inbuilding cellular solution?

An in-building cellular solution is a network of small antenna installed throughout a building which takes the signal either directly from the carrier or from an external antenna. It is both cost-efficient and easy to deploy and is the ideal solution to improving mobile signal coverage, eliminating dead zones and dropped calls to provide clear and reliable connections throughout the chosen location.

How inbuilding cellular solutions can prepare you for a more connected future

As our world becomes ever more connected uninterrupted cellular connectivity will become even more important to the way businesses operate through the Internet, machine to machine connectivity, location-based services, collaboration and much more. Ensuring that you are prepared for that future will put your business in a much stronger position moving forward.

How can Calteq help you with inbuilding cellular solutions?

Here at Calteq we are highly experienced in delivering a range of in-building cellular solutions including distributed antenna systems (DAS) and mobile signal boosters. Using our expertise and working alongside our technology partners Zinwave and Cell-fi, we will guide you through the process and ensure that you have the solution best suited to your needs.

Contact us now to learn more about how our inbuilding cellular solutions can spell the end to poor cellular connectivity for you and your organisation. There is currently a 20% discount off all orders placed before 31 December 2020 so don’t delay.