How Calteq met four client challenges amidst the COVID crisis

If the past twelve months has taught us one thing then it’s to be prepared for the unexpected. Many have come to accept these new methods of working as the new ‘normal’. Indeed a recent PWC survey highlighted 84% of employees feel able to perform their role just as effectively when working remotely as they would in the office. Yet that wasn’t the case at the beginning of the COVID crisis. Organisations had to perform monumental pivots in business operations to continue with no certainty of when the situation would change.

With the UK now in its third lockdown since the pandemic began, we would like to share with you four different ways in which we used our technical expertise and know-how to ensure our clients were able to continue with business as usual and experience virtually no downtime.

  1. Hosted environment – equipping businesses for the unpredictable

During the first lockdown period this premium hospitality brand needed a sharp response to their requirement to move call traffic to central sources as a result of their restaurants closing.  Our hosted environment and fast service turnaround allowed us to make and implement the necessary changes without delay.  The pivotal assistance we were able to provide in a historically time-consuming area afforded our clients the time to focus on COVID contingency plans.

  1. Overnight switch -from on-site to hosted contact centre

Staring down the lockdown barrel the retail industry faced a great deal of uncertainty on how it would maintain any kind of sales performance during the COVID crisis.  Largely our clients in this sector previously operated from high street stores and fixed site call centres.  The Calteq Hosted Contact Centre platform allowed us to deploy and manage a service for these clients enabling them to quickly switch to remote operations. The result was significant growth in both online and telesales for the business.

  1. Effective call handling – accommodating increased demand at GP surgeries

GP surgeries and pharmacies had a substantial change to the way they delivered patient services during the COVID pandemic. A recent report shows that telephone appointments increased from 39 per cent to 51 per cent while online messaging rose from 23 per cent to 40 per cent. This meant handling a much greater volume of calls than usual which, needed to be done as efficiently as possible.  Our project with this busy General Practice Surgery saw us quickly deploy call queuing and call recording facilities to meet demand along with increased care levels on vital lines.

  1. On-site to home working – securing charity’s support for members

When lockdown commenced our charity client had to switch its team to working from home with just a few days’ notice. Ensuring that the technology was in place to make this possible was a priority. The Calteq team quickly swung into action ensuring the whole team was set up for homeworking almost immediately and that it could continue its essential member support work uninterrupted.

At Calteq we pride ourselves on solving your communications problems so that you can work quicker, smarter, and more effectively. We will guide you through the options and provide you with solutions that work best for your business.  We will fully manage the process so that you can focus on other business priorities.

Whether it’s switching your workforce to remote working, accommodating increased call demands, enabling remote hosted contact centres, hosted voice or any other communication challenge you are facing we can help. Get in touch now by visiting our contact page or calling 0808 146 7000.