Five reasons why you should be prepared for the Openreach Withdrawal

Openreach will withdraw all its voice-based copper telephone lines from its networks. It’s already happening in many parts of the country. By 2025 plugging a telephone into the wall will not be possible.  Instead, you will have to migrate to an internet voice-based service.  This impacts all business and residential services which equates to 47 million lines.  

Making the switch is actually very simple. It makes perfect sense for many reasons, here are five:

Technological advances

The Openreach withdrawal affects every single copper-based voice line from payment terminals to traffic light systems and care homes lines to hospitals. The main reason is it’s old technology and not fit for purpose. Making the move now will futureproof your business and ensure that you are using the latest technology to help you operate more effectively. Many organisations experience poor connectivity and it’s not necessary anymore. The technology is already in place and is faster, more reliable. Switching is easy. Watch the video below to see the options available:

Stop sell issued

From September 2023 Openreach will issue a “Stop Sell”. This means no more copper-based telephone lines. It includes the takeover of lines, restarting of stopped lines and changes of address will not be possible. You will be forced to switch. No-one wants to be forced into a corner and stuck with a supplier that can’t be changed.

Just another hurdle to negotiate

The fact is we know about this switch-off ahead of time. In business forward-planning makes sense. Don’t leave it to chance. Get ahead of the game and start taking advantage of new technology that will improve your business.

Current service levels are dropping

Just like any other product when it approaches its end-of-life support levels drop. It’s the same for copper-based products and services, fault resolution is dipping. Continuing to stick with legacy products means that if something goes wrong it will take longer to be fixed. Availability of parts will be limited and typically more expensive.

Investing in the future

The future is fibre and that’s where Openreach is investing which is exciting because we are too. It provides a faster, far more reliable, and cost-effective way for business and residential customers to communicate. Technology can only get better when it has the right environment to evolve and that’s why copper must go.

Hosted voice services require very little bandwidth to work effectively.  You can read more about the benefits of hosted voice here in our recent blog. The decision to switch now and improve your connectivity and futureproof your business is a simple one. We can help you, contact us today to find out more via