Five Communications Challenges Calteq Can Solve for You

Six Communications Challenges Calteq Can Solve for You

Businesses have experienced monumental change over the last year. So they need to be prepared for anything. A survey by the Institute of Directors (IoD) of around 1,000 companies shows almost three quarters (74 per cent) plan to keep remote working a permanent fixture. As technology advances at pace one constant remains. Whatever the location of your workforce you need reliable and connected communications. Do you have any communications challenges that need solving? We want to help, here’s five to get you started:

Poor collaboration

The workforce is displaced. Some people working from home, some are back in the office and some are mobile. So, keeping your team connected is important for both productivity and employee morale. Our cloud-based unified communications solutions sets  you on the right track. It brings together hosted voice, web conferencing, video, mobile and business application integration features into one service and platform. As well as the boost to productivity and morale it can also reduce costs and increase client satisfaction.

Unreliable broadband

Do you suffer from poor internet connectivity at work?  You don’t need to suffer in silence. There is a simple solution. In addition to business-grade fibre broadband connectivity, we can deliver you a guaranteed and uncompromised service through a leased line. You’ll benefit from your own dedicated bandwidth with consistent and reliable speeds, unlimited usage and a fully scalable solution that adapts as your business grows.

Poor in-building cellular connectivity

Do you struggle with dropped calls and interrupted data when connecting to cellular signals? Many commercial buildings often struggle to get a reliable cellular signal throughout.

At Calteq we are highly experienced in delivering in-building cellular solutions to a wide range of organisations. So we will guide you through the process to ensure the smooth-running and success of your project. We work with our technology partners to deliver the best solution whether you are a small office, large office block or a whole campus

Increased call demands

As lockdown eases are you expecting an increased number of calls to your organisation? Ensuring that you have a reliable solution that flexes with demand is essential to maintain a high standard of customer service. From GP Practices to retail call centres, we can work with you to ensure that you have a call handling solution to meet your specific demands.

Spiralling mobile costs

Many organisations now provide their workforce with mobile devices. Yet they make the mistake of getting tied into long-term contracts with no flexibility. At Calteq we recognise that mobile solutions need to be tailored to individual user requirements and these can vary wildly. We take a vendor-agnostic approach and combine networks on one single invoice and shared tariff. Even our hardware payment plans are flexible ranging from 30 days up to 36 months.

Reliable communications are at the core of every successful business strategy. They’re essential in bringing teams together both virtually and in person. We are focused on delivering you customer-focused and collaborative communications solutions. We are problem solvers and are committed to meeting any communications challenges that you have. Why not get in touch today so that we can make a start? Visit our contact page to get in touch with us today.