Customer Notice Regarding Vodafone Sure Signal

18 January 2021 – Calteq has been advised that Vodafone is no longer supplying new Sure Signal equipment. Preparations are  being made to make the product end of life and the Vodafone Sure Signal network will be switched off in September 2021.

Why is Vodafone switching off the Sure Signal Network?
With the launch of Wi-Fi Calling and the constant improvements to network coverage, the requirement for Sure Signal has declined considerably. Over the last couple of years, there are less than 16,000 Sure Signal devices now registered on the network in the UK. 
What is replacing the Sure Signal Network?

Wi-Fi Calling provides voice coverage in your home or office much in the same way that Sure Signal does at no extra cost. With most smartphones now supporting WiFi calling, switching over is simple. If you require any assistance enabling WiFi calling on your users’ mobiles, please contact us via the email address provided below.

What about existing Sure Signal devices 

Vodafone Sure Signal devices will continue to work until September 2021 providing they are configured and registered. Changes can still be made to the device up until this time.

If you haven’t used the Sure Signal for a 60-day period, it is likely you will have an inactivity bar present. You can send us a request to remove this and re-provision the Sure Signal. However, if the inactivity exceeds 90 days, Vodafone will apply a service bar and revoke the Sure Signal Licence resulting in it being inoperable.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact our customer services department via