A Buyer’s Guide to Cabling Solutions

Without cabling there is no connectivity. Cabling binds together all the devices used across businesses including PCs, phones, as well as many different peripheral devices. Almost every business will have a cabling requirement. Understanding your cabling needs is essential because it provides a reliable, versatile solution to a broad range of communications requirements.

By installing a well-structured cabling solution, you are assured of a highly dependable and cost-efficient infrastructure that will ensure you are futureproof for many years to come.

Objective and aims to ensure the successful delivery of your product are paramount. This handy buyer’s guide to cabling solutions to take you through the process:

A Buyers Guide to Cabling Solutions

What are the top considerations when purchasing a business Cabling solution?

A specialist provider

Cabling is complex so look for a provider that specialises in the design, installation, and maintenance of structured business cabling solutions. Be sure to check what accreditations and warranties your provider has and what system testing they undertake. Look for providers that use FLUKE network certifiers which is the preferred testing method for 99% of cabling manufacturers. You should have complete assurance that your installation meets the required national and international standards.

Scope your project

As with any project at the outset you need to consider your organisation’s need. How many sites do you have? What are you aiming to achieve? How many users do you have? Scope your project out before you start looking. You can also ask your provider to help you with this too.

Think about commissioning an Audit/Health Check

A great starting point is to get a network audit or health check using of your existing system to any issues and how they can be rectified. You should also look to have a cabinet audit and clean-up of your existing system which can often free up numerous network ports and provide a report so you can make an informed decision on the best way forward.

What improvements should you expect to see once your business Cabling solution is up and running?

A futureproof solution

Today’s applications demand fast connectivity and low latency which won’t be going away any time soon. By choosing a cabling system that can accommodate high bandwidths you will be able to support business growth as new technology is introduced.

Keep it simple

By taking the time to structure a well-thought-out cabling infrastructure you will be running off one system and you won’t have multiple wiring all over the place. This will also ensure that should any issues arise; they can be easily resolved.

Cost efficiencies

Efficient cabling systems not only provide scalability and flexibility they also help to enhance productivity levels and consequently business success. By adopting a more simplistic approach to your cabling infrastructure you’ll see a reduction in power and maintenance costs as well as less time needing to be spent finding and resolving issues.


In business, you need to plan for the future. That could mean the need to scale up and down to meet your business demands. By adopting a structured cabling system, you are building in flexibility to make changes to your network infrastructure. These solutions are also very simple to move to another location.

Less downtime

More reliable systems mean less downtime, reduced human error and as previously documented a more simplistic approach ensure that should any issues occur, they are easy to locate and rectify.

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